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Tao Qian

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Tao Qian. Chinesischer Dichter während der östlichen Jin-Dynastie. · Biografie
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Tao Qian. Tao Qian (traditional Chinese: 陶潛; simplified Chinese: 陶潜; pinyin: Táo Qián; Wade-Giles: T'ao Ch'ien, 365–427), also known as Tao Yuanming (陶淵明), born in modern Jiujiang, Jiangxi, was one of the most influential pre-Tang Dynasty Chinese poets. · Biography · Works on Wikisource
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Tao Yuanming. Poeta chino. · Biografía
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Tao Yuanming. Poète chinois. · Biographie

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Тао Юаньмин. Китайский поэт, величайший из мастеров древности. · Биография
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陶潛 或 陶淵明. 中國詩人 · 傳記 / 传记 · 維基文庫作品 / 维基文库作品


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