Seven Pillars of Wisdom/Book X

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Book IX. Balancing for a Last Effort Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Book Ten. The House is Perfected
written by Thomas Edward Lawrence

Book Ten. The House is Perfected

Chapters CVII to CXXII

Our mobile column of aeroplanes, armoured cars, arab regulars and beduin collected at Azrak, to cut the three railways out of Deraa. The southern line we cut near Mafrak; the northern at Arar; the western by Mezerib. We circumnavigated Deraa, and rallied, despite air raids, in the desert.

Next day Allenby attacked, and in a few hours had scattered the Turkish armies beyond recovery.

I flew to Palestine for aeroplane help, and got orders for a second phase of the thrust northward.

We moved behind Deraa to hasten its abandonment. General Barrow joined us; in his company we advanced to Kiswe, and there met the Australian mounted corps. Our united forces entered Damascus unopposed. Some confusion manifested itself in the city. We strove to allay it; Allenby arrived and smoothed out all difficulties. Afterwards he let me go.