Seven Pillars of Wisdom/Book VII

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Book VI. The Raid upon the Bridges Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Book Seven. The Dead Sea Campaign
written by Thomas Edward Lawrence
Book VIII. The Ruin of High Hope

Book Seven. The Dead Sea Campaign

Chapters LXXXII to XCI

After the capture of Jerusalem, Allenby, to relieve his right, assigned us a limited objective. We began well; but when we reached the Dead Sea, bad weather, bad temper and division of purpose blunted our offensive spirit and broke up our force.

I had a misunderstanding with Zeid, threw in my hand, and returned to Palestine reporting that we had failed, and asking the favour of other employment. Allenby was in the hopeful midst of a great scheme for the coming spring. He sent me back at once to Feisal with new powers and duties.