Seven Pillars of Wisdom/Book IV

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Book III. A Railway Diversion Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Book Four. Extending to Akaba
written by Thomas Edward Lawrence
Book V. Marking Time

Book Four. Extending to Akaba

Chapters XXXIX to LIV

The port of Akaba was naturally so strong that it could be taken only by surprise from inland: but the opportune adherence to Feisal of Auda Abu Tayi made us hope to enrol enough tribesmen in the eastern desert for such a descent upon the coast.

Nasir, Auda, and I set off together on the long ride. Hitherto Feisal had been the public leader: but his remaining in Wejh threw the ungrateful load of this northern expedition upon myself. I accepted it and its dishonest implication as our only means of victory. We tricked the Turks and entered Akaba with good fortune.