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Paolo Iashvili


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Paolo Iashvili. Georgischer Dichter. · Biografie
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Paolo Iashvili. Paolo Iashvili (Georgian: პაოლო იაშვილი) (June 29, 1894 – July 22, 1937) was a Georgian poet and one of the leaders of Georgian symbolist movement. Under the Soviet Union, his obligatory conformism and the loss of his friends at the height of Stalin’s Great Purge heavily affected Iashvili who committed suicide at the Writers’ Union of Georgia. · Biography
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Paolo Iashvili. Poeta georgiano · Biografía
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Paolo Iashvili. Géorgien poète · Biographie

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Паоло Яшвили. Паоло Яшвили (настоящее имя Павел Джибраэлович Яшвили) (р. 1895), грузинский поэт. · Биография · Произведения в Викитеке


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