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J. L. Austin. British philosopher of language. · Biography

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J. L. Austin. Philosophe anglais. · Biographie

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  • How to do Things with Words: The William James Lectures delivered at Harvard University in 1955. Ed. J. O. Urmson, Oxford: Clarendon, 1962
  • Philosophical Papers. Ed. J. O. Urmson and G. J. Warnock. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1961, 1979 (facsimile)
    • Are there A Priori Concepts?, in Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 1939
    • The Meaning of a Word
    • Other Minds (originally published in 1946)
    • Truth, 1950
    • Unfair to Facts
    • A Plea For Excuses, 1956-57
    • Ifs and Cans, 1956
    • How to Talk: Some Simple Ways, 1952
    • Pretending, 1957-8
    • Performative Utterances

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