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Edward E. Smith. US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction Schriftseller und Chemiker. · Biografie
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E. E. Smith. American food engineer (specializing in doughnut and pastry mixes) and an early science-fiction author, best known for the Lensman and Skylark series. He is sometimes called the father of space opera. Also credited as E. E. Smith, Edward Elmer Smith, Ph.D., E. E. "Doc" Smith, Doc Smith and "Skylark" Smith. · Biography · Works on Wikisource
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E. E. Smith. Usona verkisto de sciencfikcio.
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E. E. Smith. Escritor y cientifico estadounidense. · Biografía
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Edward Elmer Smith. Auteur de science-fiction des Etats-Unis. · Biographie


Works in English

Lensman series

  1. Triplanetary (originally published in four parts, January – April 1934, in Amazing Stories; revised version, Fantasy Press 1948, second chapter "The Fall of Atlantis" later republished as a short story, a.k.a. "Atlantis")
  2. First Lensman (Fantasy Press 1950)
  3. Galactic Patrol (Astounding Stories September 1937 – February 1938, Fantasy Press 1950)
  4. Gray Lensman (Astounding Stories October 1939 – January 1940, Fantasy Press 1951, Pyramid Books 1965)
  5. Second Stage Lensmen (Astounding Stories November 1941 – February 1942, Fantasy Press 1953)
  6. The Vortex Blaster, also known as Masters of the Vortex; tangential to the main series, but set in the Lensman universe (simultaneously published by Fantasy Press and Gnome Press in 1960; published with the title Masters of the Vortex (Pyramid Science Fiction in 1968)
    • "The Vortex Blaster (short story)", Comet Stories (July 1941)
    • "Storm Cloud on Deka", Astonishing Stories (June 1942)
    • "The Vortex Blaster Makes War", Astonishing Stories (October 1942)
  7. Children of the Lens (Astounding Stories November 1947 – February 1948, Fantasy Press 1954)

Skylark series

  1. The Skylark of Space (written 1915–1920 with Mrs. Lee Hawkins Garby, Amazing Stories August – October 1928, Buffalo Book Co. 1946. Paperback edition, heavily revised and without the co-author credit, Pyramid Books 1958)
  2. Skylark Three (Amazing Stories August – October 1930, Fantasy Press 1948)
  3. Skylark of Valeron (Astounding Stories August 1934 – February 1935, Fantasy Press 1949)
  4. Skylark DuQuesne (Worlds of If June – October 1965, Pyramid Books 1966)

Subspace series

  1. Subspace Survivors (Astounding, July 1960)
  2. Subspace Explorers (Canaveral Press 1965, Ace 1968)
  3. Subspace Encounter (1983)

Non-series novels, short stories, and collections

  • Spacehounds of IPC (Amazing Stories July – September 1931, Fantasy Press 1947, Ace 1966)
  • Triplanetary (original magazine version, Amazing Stories January – April 1934)
  • The Galaxy Primes (Amazing Stories March – May 1959, Ace 1965. The novelization was a severely edited version with which Smith was very displeased)
  • The Best of E.E. "Doc" Smith (1975)
    • "To the Far Reaches of Space" (excerpt from The Skylark of Space, 1928)
    • "Robot Nemesis" (a.k.a. "What a Course!" and "Course Perilous!", Smith's contribution to the multi-authored series Cosmos, 1934; also published as a standalone short story in Thrilling Wonder Stories, June, 1939.)
    • "Pirates of Space" (excerpt from Triplanetary, 1934)
    • The Vortex Blaster (set in the Lensman universe, Comet Stories July 1941)
    • "Tedric" (1953)
    • "Lord Tedric" (1954)
    • "Subspace Survivors" (first two chapters of Subspace Explorers, published as a novella in Astounding July 1960)
    • The Imperial Stars (1964)
  • Have Trenchcoat - Will Travel and Others: A Novel of Suspense and Three Short Stories (non-SF, Advent:Publishers 2001)
    • Have Trenchcoat—Will Travel
    • "Motorsickle Cop"
    • "Nester of the Caramints"
    • "Full-Time Nurse"


  • "What a Course!" (a.k.a. "Robot Nemesis", Chapter 13 (Part 14 of 18) of the round robin novel Cosmos, serialized as an insert in Science Fiction Digest/Fantasy Magazine July 1933 - December 1934/January 1935)
  • see also "Robot Nemesis", for the standalone short story version (Thrilling Wonder Stories, June, 1939.)
  • "The Challenge From Beyond" (with Stanley G. Weinbaum, Donald Wandrei, Harl Vincent, and Murray Leinster, one of two round robin stories with the same name (one science fiction version and one fantasy version) published in Fantasy Magazine 1935)
  • Masters of Space (1962, 1976) (unfinished work by sci-fi writer and former secretary of The Galactic Roamers fan club E. Everett Evans later revised and completed by Smith)


  • Some Clays of Idaho, (with Chester Fowler Smith) undergraduate thesis, University of Idaho, 1914.
  • The effect of bleaching with oxides of nitrogen upon the baking quality and commercial value of wheat flour, PhD thesis, George Washington University, 1919, approximately 100 pp.
  • "A study of some of the chemical changes which occur in oysters during their preparation for market", Bureau of Chemistry, U.S. Department of Agriculture Bulletin 740, 1919, 24 pp.
  • "Viscosity and Baking Quality", Cereal Chemistry 2 178-89, 1925
  • "What Science Fiction Means to Me" (Science Wonder Stories, June 1929)
  • "Report of the Subcommittee on Hydrogen-Ion Concentration with Special Reference to the Effect of Flour Bleach", Cereal Chemistry 9, 424–8, 1932.
  • "Catastrophe" (Astounding Science Fiction May 1938).
  • Worldcon Guest of Honor Speech, originally presented at 2nd World Science Fiction Convention on September 1, 1940. To be published in Guest of Honor Speeches, edited by Mike Resnick and Joe Siclari, ISFiC Press, August 23, 2006.
  • "The Epic of Space" in Of Worlds Beyond: The Science of Science Fiction Writing, edited by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach (Fantasy Press 1947
  • Introduction to Man of Many Minds by E. Everett Evans (Fantasy Press 1953).
  • "The People Who Make Other Worlds No. 11: Edward E. Smith" (Other Worlds Science Stories, March 1953)
  • "The Origin of Life" (Luna No. 7 1969, Transcript of speech presented at 12th World Science Fiction Convention, California, September 1954)
  • "The Logic of the Law" (Trumpet #10, 1969)

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