Boris Kornilov

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Boris Kornilov


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Boris Kornilov. a Soviet communist poet · Biography

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Boris Kornilov. Poète russe.

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Борис Петрович Корнилов. Русский советский поэт. Расстрелян 21 февраля 1938 года. Посмертно реабилитирован 5 января 1957 года. · Биография · Произведения в Викитеке






PD-icon.svg The original works of this author are in the public domain in countries where the copyright term is the author's life plus 70 years or less. Some translations may not be in the public domain.

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Copyright note: according to the copyright law of Russia, authors repressed in the USSR in 1920s—1950s become PD 70 years from the date of rehabilitation, not death (if rehabilitated posthumously). Boris Kornilov was only rehabilitated in 1957 thus his works will be in public domain in Russia on January 1st 2028..