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The works of authors who died in 1966 became public domain in Canada (& other countries with a PMA-50 rule) on 2017-01-01. This is a partial list, derived from Wikipedia/EN, of "newly-liberated" authors, works, & resources for finding more.

NOTE: That this applies for published works of individual authorship, or joint-works where the last surviving author died in 1966.

Among other coverage of this, see:

It is worth noting that if the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is ratified by the Canadian Parliament & enters into law, NO FURTHER MATERIAL will enter the public domain in Canada by this process for 20 YEARS. Under that treaty, Canada would be required to extend copyright for an additional 20 years; from PMA-50 to PMA-70, in order to "harmonize" our copyright laws with those of the U.S.A.

This page is modelled after similar pages for 1963, 1964, and 1965 and ported from the English Wikipedia. It serves as a starting guide for those who want to curate new and significant content that entered the Canadian public domain on January 1, 2017.

Highlights include:













  • December 14
  • December 15 – Walt Disney, American animated film producer and founder of The Walt Disney Company and Disneyland Resort (b. 1901)
  • December 22
  • December 27 – Guillermo Stábile, Argentine football player and manager (b. 1905)
  • December 30 – Christian Herter, United States Secretary of State (b. 1895)