Alcoholics Anonymous (Original Manuscript) 1938

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Alcoholics Anonymous (Original Manuscript) 1938
written by William Griffith Wilson (Bill W.)
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This books is the pre-publication draft manuscript, original manuscript, or so-called multilith edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous. There were 400 mimeographed copies made in December of 1938, which were sold for $ 3.50 USD ($ 60 USD in 2017, after inflation). The money was used to help fund the printing of the first edition, and also to receive feedback on the manuscript before the official first printing. Many of these books were returned with editorial notes. There were few changes between the original manuscript and the first edition, which was published in 1939.


The Doctor's Opinion
Chapter 1. Bill's Story
Chapter 2. There Is A Solution
Chapter 3. More About Alcoholism
Chapter 4. We Agnostics
Chapter 5. How It Works
Chapter 6. Into Action
Chapter 7. Working With Others
Chapter 8. To Wives
Chapter 9. The Family Afterward
Chapter 10. To Employers
Chapter 11. A Vision For You
The Doctor's Nightmare
Ace Full-Seven-Eleven
The Alcoholic Foundation


This work is in the Public Domain in Canada.

The original manuscript did not have a copyright notice on it, which means it immediately went into the public domain in the United States. When the Berne treaty came into force in March 1989 in the United States, other Berne treaty signatories might be obliged to provide copyright at the minimum standard of the Author's Life + 50 years (which would be January, 2022). However, Canada has a specific exclusion in section 1.02 which states that upon Berne commencement, any works in the public domain on that date, in the source country, are ineligible for copyright in Canada. This is the same case with the first (1939) and second (1955) editions of the book Alcoholics Anonymous. Those two works originally had copyrights, but they were not renewed in the United States, as was required at the time.

Alcoholics Anonymous (Original Manuscript) 1938
written by William Griffith Wilson (Bill W.)
Foreword >